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Gameboy Advance as Ultimate 2D Console


Despite Nintendo describing the Game Boy Advance as the “ultimate 2D console,” many developers have reached far beyond Nintendo’s claims to bring us three-dimensional wonders that would look great on a PSOne. It’s quite incredible; think of Crawfish’s first-person shooter demo, Kemco’s GT game, and of course Mario Kart Advance… GBA is simply going to be brilliant.

Which brings us to Evo, from developers Gameplay Studios. It’s a tremendous-looking 3D shooter — as you can see from the screenshots and movie below — and offers yet more evidence of the power inherent in Nintendo’s handheld. But — and this is a big but — you’re never going to be able to play it. Development stopped on the title a while back, due to lack of publisher interest. So, until a publisher comes along (and frankly, Evo looks so good, it’d be a crime to ignore it), Evo will remain unfinished and unreleased. Which makes us sad.

But — with the blessing of Gameplay Studios — we couldn’t help but show you what Evo looks like. We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty impressive. As far as concrete details on the game are concerned, an RPG-style story enfolds the blast-’em-up action, and Evo is described as “constructive as well as destructive”, presumably meaning hi-octane action isn’t the only dimension to the game — and coupled with a variety of environments, including “space, surface, trench, black hole, and underwater”, it looks as if the game has plenty to offer. Finally, in the finest shoot-’em-up tradition, your spaceship “evolves” as you play, meaning, we guess, the addition of new weapons and equipment.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope Evo gets snapped up by a hungry publisher. It would be a fine addition to the GBA’s burgeoning software library.